The Weather Report (PBL Unit)

Frederica Nash (Science Teacher at Hillside)

  • Took goals from NCSCOS

  • Entry Doc - Job ad at local news agency seeking "just out of college" team of meterologists to come in and demo their skills.  Tweaked it to be news station of the school.

  • Posted ad around school prior to conducting it - pique student interest!

  • Scaffolding Activities:  Atmospheric conditions activity around the world, analyze and evaluate local weather reports, workshop on Earth's seasons, prediction activities after studying week's worth of models, data collection activities

  • Final Product: Video taped weather report (would be cool to incorporate Visual Communicator software), her students had to create PowerPoint but it could only include pictures.  Had to dress for the weather in their researched city.

  • Included intro clips from real weather channels to make is seem authentic.

  • Assessment included requiring a collection of different media into their final product.

  • The workshops (lectures) the students participate in depend on what they don't understand and see as their "learning needs" for the unit.  The workshops might be different every time you conduct the unit depending upon what the students do/don't understand.

  • Smart Notebook Version 10 must have the symbols the students could use to create their weather report as well.

  • Utilize a "Project Briefcase" that houses support documents and other media for the students to self-learn the concepts as needed.  LOVE this idea!!

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