Sites From Today's Surfing! (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Sites From Today's Surfing! (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Google Forms @ncties

Presented by Jeff Carpenter and Barbara Taylor - Elon University

Presenters used a quick form survey to gather information about the audience and displayed the charts to look at with audience.  Very effective!

Make a form that includes rubric items - using checklists that include many of the common errors you see in the work.

How to get the comments back to the student:  Click the student's row in the spreadsheet, click print, click "selection" button and keep the heading button clicked.  then pdf will be only that student's comments.  Send it to them electronically.

Using Google Forms for Peer Editing:

Create a form to go with the sections of Empowering Writers.

Presenters found that when peer editing using the Google Form, they spent more time analyzing the work.

Google Forms a good way to have the kids evaluate each others' work.

Form - "Show summary of responses" is where you look for the graphs of your data.

Can use list view (under View tab) to filter spreadsheet data.


Symbaloo Edu

Union County Public Schools

Edmodo Code for the session - me9oez - Session info is there.

Symbaloo the presenters created from the sessions they attended at NCTIES2011 -

Don't have to be logged in to use already made symbaloos.

Set up a symbaloo to introduce a topic, include videos, sites, etc.

Create a symbaloo of the kids' digital products.

Keep a symbaloo of kids' products for the artifacts needed for new evaluation tool.

Use search to find lots of great pre-made symbaloos.

Can import bookmarks from Delicious into a symbaloo quickly and easily.

Can embed Slideshare, Animoto,  and many other things on Symbaloo.

Need to click the Update webmix whenever you make any changes to a webmix so that others using it will have the updates.

Can embed Google Docs (import your Word docs into Google)

Use Google Form to have kids submit the URL's of their finished work. Much easier to add it into your webmix of products.



Tammy Worcester Technology Time Savers for Teachers

And who doesn't need that!!

All of Tammy's Handouts from NCTIES11.

Notes to self to save time:

Use Advanced Search in Google more often! Search topic + jeopardy and choose ppt as file type to get great premade ppt jeopardy games.

Google now has  filtering options on left side of the main page so you can find exactly what you're looking for, after you've typed in your search topic.

Timeline search very cool! Can keep clicking on timeline graphic and it will give sites that have information about the event(s) occuring at that time.

Realtime search on left will bring up Tweets and Facebook updates in real time!

"Showcase" plugin for Firefox lets you view all your open tabs on one page so you can go to the site you want.  Danita needs to have this!!

When you accidently close a tab - ctrl shft T - will bring it back!! Cool!

Hold control key as you click on webpages that have come up in Google you want to look at, they will open in their own tabs automatically. - neat educational website.

Evernote - Organize notes, pictures, screen shots

Can put Evernote on your hard drive and sync between web version and hard drive. - combines several websites into one url that you give the kids. Cannot edit a list you've already made.

New ideas for file sharing with your kids on Tammy's handout.





Global Projects

Tiffany Trent

Tiffany's LiveBinder Collection for the global projects -

Great webinar by Siemen STEM Academy (First tab in her LiveBinder)

Projects By Jen (second tab in her LiveBinder) - extremely easy projects to participate in.  Great ideas for lower grades.

Cute!  Guess the Wordle - a blog where you get a daily wordle and have to figure out the topic!

Tammy Worcester Favorites Session

Training Handouts can be found on her site:

Today's Meet - Chat room on the fly!  Great to use for class discussions, especially for kids that don't usually make comments.  Back channel for watching a film.  Book talk tool.

Can enter a web address as a hyperlink that will come in live! Great alternative for Wallwisher!!

ClassTools (Random Name Picker)  Can also build groups this way.  Teacher inputs student names.  Can click the Save icon so you don't have to input student names over and over.  Instead of student names, put vocab words, sight words, or other things you're studying and have kids give the answers!  Cool idea!  Tool can be embedded onto blog or wiki, etc.

For every webpage there is an icon at the front of it on the address bar.  Drag that icon to the desktop and it will create a shortcut to your desktop for that website!!

Worksheet Works Generate and print customized maps, graphic organizers, and skill sheets!  Great graphic organizers and other things that you could print, or just use on the board.

QR Codes - Scan and generate your own codes! Click here

Two dimensional code (looks like a square bar code), scan with your smart phone and it will take you to the website for that code.  Codes are all over the place!!

How do you create QR codes?  Great site to EASILY create QR code!  Googles address shortener - also creates QR codes automatically with each website address you shorten!  Put QR codes on artwork in hall - scan would give info about artist

Put QR codes in books - would take you to review!

TubeChop  “Cut” and use a section of a YouTube video.  VERY easy to use!  Gives a new link for the shortened video.  Also gives embed code for the "chopped" version!

My Avatar Editor -  Create a cartoon representation of yourself!  Classroom use?  Have kids create avatars for themselves, print, have students write stories/poems about themselves.  Create new characters, write about them, trade and see if someone else can build that same character from the description.  No login needed, but you can save and reload  (saves as .mae file) to keep building.  You can also export as jpeg or png.  Have kids export as png and kids can green screen with them.  Put the avatar on any background (blank ppt slide with background of any picture).  Can have kids record themselves speaking as the character.

Jam Studio - Music-creation Tool - Can choose chords, and then instruments to play them!  Can fill out an easy grant form on the site to get free accounts for all your kids for the school year!

Google Search by reading level! Go to Advanced Search, click the drop down menu and choose "basic" for younger kids, etc.



Voicethread Booktalks

Kristin Poe, Sherron Hornaday, Paula Martini - Fuquay Varina Elementary

Resources Site for this session -

Cool!  Presenters made a Glog to work off of for their presentation!

Make sure microphone is stationary so speaking is clear.  You can delete a session of recording by deleting the bar at the bottom for the part you don't want to use.

Create Tab -

  1. Upload photos

  2. Comment Tab - Create an avatar, record comment - can hit the slide button (right arrow)  to the right to show multiple pictures while the student is talking.

Kids use one login to get into the account.  Multiple kids can work on different projects at the same time.

Can search Voicethread for topics you're interested in.

Each Voicethread has privacy controls that can be changed to allow monitoring of comments.

Can post Voicethread Link on wiki to share.


Have You Googled Your Earth Today?

Live Blogging from NCTIES 2011 Tech Conference!  Woohoo!

Ben Davis - Stanly County Schools

Show kids where the school is and then if you're talking about anything in SS, History, Science, novels that have places you can show the kids the relationship between where we are and where we are talking about.  I need to use this with our Scholastic News each week!!

Create a tour

Use push pin icon to make a place mark.  Remember you can customize the push pins when you make a tour.   Click on my places (right click) "create folder".  Drag all placemarks into the folder.

As you go through the tour turn on different layers, ie. photos that others have taken.  Red pictures are panoramic pictures people have taken.

Can share the files with others.  When they double click the folder on the wiki, it automatically downloads into their Google Earth.

Take the tour ahead of time and it will put all features in the cache and move a lot faster and easier for when you use it with the kids.

On Ben's wiki go to bottom "LiveBinder Links" will take you to education specific premade files to download.  Look for the kmz or kml extensions.

Sometimes files will come into the "Temporary Places" folder in Google Earth.  You'll need to move it or it will not be there when you reopen Google Earth.

**Add Path Tool at top - you can click on the map and make a series of dots and lines.  Great for perimeter and area.  Can also incorporate the ruler tool to measure.  When you tour with the lines, you travel FAST!!

To edit a place mark already made, right click on it and the edit box will come up.  To change view - click snapshot current view.

Preferences - you can change the wait time in an automated tour.  Line tours you can change the camera tilt and how far off the line the camera will follow the line, and the speed!

Explore Your Area

Zoom in on your school and you might be able to see street view imagery.  Street View tool.  Younger kids could mark modes of transportation they find along the way.  Turn 3D on in the layers - very cool!

Icon with clock brings up historical imagery.  Can click on a timeline to see how the area you are focused on has changed over the years.

Add Image Overlay icon at the top you can turn on topographic maps overlay.  Directions are on the wiki for how to set that up.

Glogster and Google Earth

Put a placemark on Google Earth.  Get the embed code from your Glog.  In description of placemark, paste the embed code.  VERY COOL!

Share Google Earth projects - post as link on your website for others.

Showing Google Earth with the Moon - Lots of resources embedded to explore  the Apollo missions!

From audience: Check out WorldWide Telescope from Microsoft!

Google Ocean!  Can follow a tagged tuna!