Evaluating 21st Century Skills Within PBL

Matt Sears - Hillside New Tech High (and my Kenan Fellow buddy!)

  • going over 21st Century Skills site information:

  • Life and Career Skills

  • Learning and Innovation Skills

  • Information, Media, and Technology Skills

  • Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes

  • We brainstormed activities and skills that fall under each of these four main categories.

  • Promise made by Matt's school to parents, "When your child graduates they will have not only traditional content but the above list to better prepare them for 21st Century living."

  • Five evaluation columns on grade card (Learning Outcomes):

  • 1. communication (10%), 2. work ethic (being on time, collaboration, turning in hw) (10%), 3. content knowledge (60%), 4. inventive thinking (problem solving, higher order thinking, reasoning, creativity)(10%), 5. technology skills (10%)

  • Rubrics have been created for each of the above Learning Outcomes.  Include the objective from the SCOS on the rubric.

  • Work ethic rubric is really the only one Matt doesn't change throughout the year.

  • 9 New Tech schools in NC flowing from the original pilot in Napa, CA

  • Good place to infuse Marzano while developing Learning Outcomes!! (my thoughts)

  • We are now working on developing a basic project that would include measuring the categories of ethics/work ethic, communication, problem solving/higher order thinking, and technology skills; we developed an "Earthquakes Around the World" scenario where groups would be creating wikis.

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