Ripples and Splashes

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This summer has definitely been a time of renewal. Like many of you, last year, although a wonderful year, depleted a lot of my energy. For the first time in 23 years of teaching, my teacher brain shut off right after the kids left that final day. Usually it takes me several weeks to wind down, but this year was different! Now finally, as summer speeds by, I am beginning to feel that new energy level rising!

Obviously this poor blog has been ignored for a year! Pitiful! After thinking about it a lot this summer, I think I have figured out the reason I haven't blogged more. I read all these wonderful, lengthy blog posts from some of my favorite teacher bloggers, you know the ones, with lots of pictures and details! Well, when I think of writing something like that at the end of an energy-filled day with my 5th graders, I just shut down. I have never been a journal keeper, or prolific writer of any kind. However, I really do want to share the great things my students do each day.

As I thought more about it, I was reminded of my blog title and subtitle, Collazo Cove - Ripples and Splashes! So I've decided that's the kind of blogger I need to be. A sharer of short little ripples and splashes of things. Much less pressure (for me)!

So thanks for visiting! I hope you'll come back and read about our journey in the educational river, and share some of your own splashes!

Just jump in!