Emerging PBL - Project Design

Lee Fleming - New Technology Foundation

  • Identifying standards I want to address - how much time do I want to spend on each of these standards during the year?  She suggests choosing 8-10 main standards

  • PBL: Mile deep as opposed to mile wide  YES!

  • Create map (chart) with 1. first column write the chosen Standard, 2. second column - what professionals would be involved in knowing that information? (create as large a list as possible), 3. column 3 - why does each of these professionals need to know this information?, 4. column 4 - what will the professional DO with the information?

  • Again, make sure the final product is presented in front of some outside experts!

  • How can we make these real world problems engaging for students?  Provide them with some ownership responsibilities, competition, use student interest inventory to guide the projects into areas where student interest lies.

  • "Only 7% of American college students are entering STEM fields."  PBL exposes students to occupations in these areas they might not otherwise learn about.

  • Link for this from Buck Institute - Planning the Project

  • Mid-Unit Project Crash!  What can you do?  Make sure you are conducting daily formative assessment to avoid a major crash!  Grab small groups and work on some independent "workshops" to help them get over the dilemma before it gets carried away.

  • Important to let the students struggle along the way, and not be the "life-saver"!  Let them try to figure it out and then conduct mini-"workshops" if they are really stuck.  They must let you know what they feel they "need" though.

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