Administrative 2.0 Boot Camp

Learned of this wonderful opportunity on David Warlick's recent post, "Two Not-to-Miss Professional Development Event this Summer".  According to the description David posted:
Also entering my radar range was a professional development event, being organized for school administrators by Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach.  The Web 2.0 Bootcamp will take place at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.  Here’s a quote from the site:

If you are a superintendent or principal, you know that your students are or will be using the Web, cell phones and other technologies to connect and create social networks. But do you also know the profoundly transformative opportunities for learning these technologies offer? Do you understand fully how schools and classrooms are being challenged by these new technologies and what the implications are for your teachers and students?

Sure wish our Lee County Administrators would take advantage of this!  I have long admired the work of Chris Lehmann at SLA.  Maybe they'd consider taking their annual "retreat" in Philly?!!  It would be worth the cost and we all would benefit (students and teachers)!

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