Wow, cool! Alan November!

Premise:  Kids don't have valuable jobs in our society anymore.

Jobs Kids Should Have:

Screencast creators!  Video creators!

Gathering More Info for "The Dream"

Last year I attended a session by the folks in Stanly County who have implemented a 1:1 laptop project. It was AWESOME. Well, they are back to give an update, so here I am! Haven't given up on the dream of having laptops every day for my kids...gaining more ammo!

The Horizon Project - North Albemarle - 21st Stanly (taking the county 1:1)

Presented by two tech facilitators. Their program started with discussions with Apple (note to self - start discussion with a PC rep). Changed their titles to 21st Century Skills Facilitators.

Now in their second year with 4/5 grades; now moving to 3rd grade. Moving to Albemarle Middle School as part of the 21Stanly Project; 6th grade this year, 7/8 next year.

Laptops do not go home with the kids, basically for safety reasons for the kids.

Their main start up group consisted of about 60 kids!!

Francis Bradburn going before the Blue Ribbon Commission advocating for removal of the 8th grade computer skills test! YEAH! However, admins need to set the expectation that technology be integrated on a daily basis with or without a test.

Teachers in Stanly feel the training from Apple was relevant and very supportive of their ideas. Apple Classroom of Tomorrow - based on research. Dell contracted Pearson Learning for this type of training?

Every one of their classrooms has an access point. Use MacBooks.

Check out North Albemarle Elementary School