City Designer PBL Unit

Amy Thomas, Geometry teacher - Challenger Early College

Cool project in which students must design a city based upon a list of requirements by the zoning board.

Half way through the project a "New Restrictions" sheet was passed out so they had to make zoning changes.  Project Managers got rubric (using to see how their groups "met code", met the "zoning changes", required elements, neatness, etc.

Students could "file for an extension" if their group felt they could not meet the deadline.

On the last day of the project they get a form requesting a written report "formal letter" (to satisfy the requirement of 'soft writing' be incorporated throughout the curriculum) of their "individual contribution" to the project.

Cool tie in would be to see how a real city planning meeting flows.  Her students watched a news clip about a local county cutting their planning board staff down from 8 to 1 member.  She incorporated that into the in-class project!

She uses groups of 3 for this particular project. Engineer, Architect, and Project Manager.

Group now talking about working with the art teacher and others to make it more cross-curricular.

Some projects also having their kids design Geometric homes and partnering with Habitat for Humanity as their experts in the classroom.
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