Time Out!

Sometimes we get too caught up in thinking we need to save the world of education! To be quite honest, trying to just stay afloat ourselves, say nothing about helping others in the journey, leaves many of us frustrated, overwhelmed, and a little CRAZY!  So here are a few "Time Outs" - can you hear my whistle?

Flickr:  Ref Jer

1.  Check out this very addictively fun site called The Impossible Quiz!  You may need to set a timer near your computer, or the next time you look at the clock it might be 3 AM!  Thanks to my sister, Kathy, for sending it to me (although I think it was really an invitation to a challenge - she's very competitive!).

2.  I got a chuckle out of this metaphor and had to pass it along!  I first saw it on Steve Dembo's blog Teach42.com.  It is entitled NCLB: The Football Version.  Good ahead, laugh!
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