Audio BookTalks - Creating Lifelong Readers

Audio BookTalks - presented by Pitt County (Carol Johnson)

  • Scores increase 21% when techs, teachers, and media collaborate together.

  • Uses Audacity, called companies to receive tools, mp3 with recorder (Sansa), Logitech mics (desktop and headsets), 300 Gb external drive for storage (kept in media center) ALL OF IT WAS FREE!

  • Starts out with filling in a worksheet with information about the book - Lesson

  • Designing web site in BETA stage, where students will eventually be able to upload to a state repository of BookTalks.  Director needs to call her to gain access for our kids.  Site will be organized by grade level (elem, middle, high), author, AR level, genre, title, etc...

  • Disc she is giving out contains all program downloads and directions.

  • - sound/music mashing site

This appears very similar to our book podcasts that we have posted on Podomatic.
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