Picture Perfect Presentation

Teaching students how to gather, organize, and present information using graphical, audio recording, multimedia, and digital photography.

Tammy Gruer - Union Hill Elementary 

  • Students (2nd grade) were studying sound.  Grant provided DC-1 six Digital Camera Explorer Kit ($215), Califone AX12 microphones, CPS (Classroom Performance System) remotes, LCD projectors (Hitachi), Mobile Multimedia Presentation Cart (Highsmith) - everything is contained in the cart ($348.00), Targus Remote presenter controller, tripod with micro fluid head (Highsmith)

  • What makes this sound? Project - Discussed and listened to various pitches (on ppt slide).  Also went over vibration the same way.

  • On Riddle slides, the kids used clip art for pictures, text for their riddles, sound links for voice over when they read the slide and sounds to accompany the riddle.

  • United Streaming has audio clips as well as several free audio sound sites.

  • Kids used the digital cameras to take pictures, clip art, or animated clip art for their riddle multiple choice items.

  • Rubric used so students know all the elements to include on their slides.

  • Teacher Evaluation sheet was filled out to gauge success of collaboration.

  • Also used digital pictures taken by students, and then drew on them to identify shapes the kids are studying.

Outstanding session with great technology integration strategies!  Everything tied to SCOS with terrific evaluation tools to use at the end of the project.  Really need to look into the Digital Camera Kits - small, rugged, easy to use!
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