Blogging Live From MEGA - Joselyn Todd's Presentation

Joselyn Todd - MS Science Dept. Chair/Cary Academy/Teacher Editor: MidLink Magazine

wwwikis - Presentation wiki for today (PowerPoint is included here)

Joselyn has started out discussing much of the web 2.0 vocabulary, most of today will be about wikis. 

Nature Magazine article comparing Wikipedia to Encyclopedia Britannica - comparison of errors found in each.

Designates editors and formatters in her classes to make the wikis look appealing.

How does the wiki fit into the big 21st Century Literacy picture?  Allows for collaboration, thinking critically, self directed learners, technology integration, global learning, content development, creative thinking, intellectual freedom.

Why use wikis in classroom?  Easy to use, FREE, Allows teacher monitoring (times of posts are in the history) Intellectual creativity creates Life Long Learners!

Kids assigned to teams and asked to spend 15 minutes working on "their" page for homework.  When she looked back at the history 148 edits had been made on the page the same day the wiki was created!  Used the history to see who had contributed and when.  Used the information the kids had put on the wiki to sense what she needed to reteach or go over.

Joselyn includes David Warlick's citation machine link for her kids, on the wiki front page.  She uploads her documents and screen casts (vodcasts) for her kids to use as reviews or when she is absent.  Took apart the periodic table and each kid did a podcast of an element.  Her kids also incorporate YouTube videos to demonstrate their chemistry concepts!  The kids use the teacher's YouTube account to put the videos they have made/selected, up on the wiki.

If she sees errors in the wiki contributions, she points them out privately to the student and THE STUDENT makes the edit.

Cary Academy uses no filters.  Policy at the school which tries to instill responsibility.  Good stuff outweighs the bad stuff.  The school has a recording feature, so she can go to the student's account to check where they have gone on the web.

Grading?  She asks, "who did not contribute to the wiki last night?"  The kids are aware that she has the ability to use the history to check this.

Has the kids create questions for the test (and answers) and post them on one of the pages of the wiki, along with their name.  The wiki is then used as a study guide, and she uses 20 of those kid-created questions to create the actual test.

Created a blog out of a wiki for her kids.  Only members can comment.  There is a direction page, so kids know how to use it as a blog.  Kids have their own page, they copy and paste the blog prompt given by the teacher, and then blog about it.  Others add comments (kids who comment write their name on the board drawing a line from their name to the origianl blogger's name - so everyone knows who has gotten a comment, and who needs a comment - GREAT IDEA!).  Students must then ammend their original blog after reviewing the comments.

"It is my job to educate them on how to use these tools...whether they are using it for educational purposes or not..." Joselyn Todd 

"How will we effectively teach them [students] if we are ignorant of it ourselves." Joselyn Todd

"Do not confine your children to your own learning...for they were born in another time." Hebrew Proverb
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  1. Awesome presentation of her wiki! The students have done a fabulous job with their research and technology integration. Maybe there is hope for us after all!

  2. Kim,

    I wish I had been there. Joselyn is making brilliant use of Web 2.0 technologies...

    -- dave --