Digital Storytelling

Session 1 - Digital Storytelling (Pitt County Schools)

Great deal of the way the brain is wired is visual in nature.

  • Parents and kids did storyboard at home, came to school to type text.

  • Storybook Weaver Deluxe, Movie Maker, Photo Story was used as well.

  • Sharing NC stories putting in Movie Maker format.

  • Teacher Academy session (apps due the 30th) to learn digital storytelling.

  • Handouts provide sites for free clip art, music, and copyright issues.

  • Use the feature to get rid of the black boxes that surround the photos.

  • Used it to narrate poem, demonstrate social issues.

  • Provided prompts, and then had to construct a project demonstrating his/her opinion.

  • After sharing the digital story with another class, have the viewing audience use it as a writing prompt.

  • One True Media - site where you can post your digital stories; free version allows you to import your own photos, but you must use their music.

  • - free graphic organizer software?

  • One third grade teacher had her class create "I Have a Dream" presentations.  They each had a template, brainstormed, and collaborated in groups of 4-5 to create their show.  They researched MLK's dream to help them create theirs.

Did she just say the Spec Ed kids didn't come to the library because there was no reason for them to come??

Doesn't grade them other than if they do at least 1 minute they get a 100. ??  No rubric is used or other means of assessing by the kids themselves.  WHY????

Doesn't post anywhere other than the common folder.  WHY???

Illustrated how to use Movie Maker by having audience members come up and add components.

If I had not had to sit in the very front row of a packed house, I would've left.  Disappointing in that the presentation was not organized, and they seemed to be at such a beginning stage in using it, the audience knew more about how to apply it in the classroom.  Not much was mentioned about the steps taken with students to reach a final product.  More of Movie Maker tutorial at the end.

Oh well....
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