Get Ready, Get Set, Get Organized!

What a treat!  This session is being presented by a panel of some of my favorite Twitter Educators!  Beth Still, Josh Allen, George Couros, Paula Naugle, and Jason Schrage.  They are going to be talking about how to organize your digital life to make the most of your time, which is necessary for all educators!  Can't wait!

Josh Allen is going over Diigo, the online bookmarking tool, and talking about how you can create groups within to share bookmarks.  Use it as a "search engine" instead of Google when you are looking for things! Set up a group for your class.

Talking about the value of Wikispaces Can request free educator account that will not contain adds.

Google sites has a file cabinet that will turn all uploads into Google Doc (easier to open).

Paula Naugle is presenting Edmodo - She provides communication with her students to look at each morning when they login.  Glogs can be embedded in Edmodo using the new button on Glogster that says "Edmodo this Glogster".  Nice that kids can only send out messages to class or teacher, not individuals. *Remember to use Edmodo to make collaboration groups for projects or reading groups this year.  Can open up groups to collaborate with students at other schools by creating a group and providing your collaborators with the code.

Kidblog - great kid-friendly blog hosting site (my kids would agree!!)  To transition to new year, archive old class and create new class.  Kidblog is working on a solution to this.



Dropbox - A "magic pocket" that you download (2 G storage space) and then can access your documents from any computer.  Syncs across multiple computers.  Sign up for "Dropittome" and kids can hand their work into your Dropbox.  You can also move files into the public folder, generate a link, share the link with students and they have access to the document.

LiveBinders - Great online 3 ring notebook.  Mr. Schrage puts his vocab lists in Google Docs and puts each one on a tab of a LiveBinder.  Also a great place to store the kids' various user names/passwords privately!

Beth Still going over Moodle for organizing classroom.  Like that you can put Widgets on the side to various websites/student blog aggregators.  For educators that don't have systems using Moodle a good tool is Sqool Tools. This site will allow you to host 2 classrooms.

iGoogle - customizable page when you start up your computer (make it your homepage).  You can add lots of different block and widgets of things you'd like to look at each day.  Add html block with important sites.





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