The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck

Okay, so that title caught my attention, and then I saw the presenter.  Ron Clark!  Yes, THE Ron Clark of the Ron Clark Academy in Georgia.  The same one whose story was shared in the movie "The Ron Clark Story" with Matthew Perry.  The best part is that he has brought a group of his students.  One young man, dressed in his khaki pants, light blue button-up shirt, and Academy suit coat, just introduced himself to an ISTE participant sitting behind me.  He asked how her day was going and carried on a sweet conversation about being able to go to the Ron Clark Academy.  After answering several of her questions, he held out his hand and said, "It was very nice to meet you ma'am, and your name is?", and while he shook her hand, looking her square in the eyes, he repeated, "It was nice to meet you, Kim."  Very impressive!

I am so excited to see this session because every summer I re-read Mr.Clark's two books (which I was lucky enough to get signed when he presented at the NC Technology Conference two years ago).  This summer I lent the books to two of my colleagues to read.  There are so many valuable tips that empower you and your kids to make the vital personal connection necessary for effective learning.  As I have gone to many brain-research workshops and sessions lately, it has become increasing clear that this relationship and connection is the foundation for what my kids will be motivated to accomplish during their time with me.  Although I have always known the importance of that special relationship, it never hurts to treat myself to a little Ron Clark enthusiasm!

Just now, as I was typing Daryl Ann, a Ron Clark Academy student, came up and introduced herself and we had a short conversation about what Promethean has done for the school.  She was very complimentary of the company, as I'm sure she was asked to be since this session is hosted by the IWB giant. However, even beyond the sales pitch, what always impresses me about the students is their ability to speak clearly with eye contact and enthusiasm.

So here I sit in a room that is beginning to fill to capacity, awaiting my Ron Clark fix!
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