End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck

Goodies from Ron Clark

They use Active Expression.  Teachers put in series of questions into the system, students work at own pace, but teacher can monitor who is having trouble in real time. System gives them one question at a time.  It immediately lets them know if they are correct or not.  Teacher can send individual messages to the kids' devices.  They go throughout the campus answering various questions and the teacher can still monitor.

He develops questions for books they are reading, and kids answer the questions as they are doing their silent sustained reading.  He can monitor on his computer each student's progress. Kids motivated to answer the questions as they read and more engaged in the book.

Challenge highest kid, and then hold all other kids up to that same level, but do it through passion, fun, relevancy, engagement, and technology.

Taught lots of math concepts through songs to current tunes. Always include movement.

Instead of raising their hands if another student can't figure out the answer, they wait and then start cheering for the student. Someone will shout out, "_______ you can do it!"  Developed cheers that they would give each other for support.

He uses the Active Expression to ask questions on the fly, "What's the answer to Step 2?" while class is trying to solve a multi-step problem. Can tell immediately who is struggling.

Doesn't allow kids to go down the hall too slowly, they have too much to do!  Mr. Clark tell them he'll start without them if they are late, so they are motivated to get  there.

Gives 5 quick review questions on the Active Expression when they first come into the classroom. They get started right away to answer them.  Kids showed some of their motivational songs and then went down to Promethean display to demonstrate some of the ways they use the Active Expression remotes.

Teaches them to come into the classroom at a brisk pace, say hello, sit and get busy.  Every time they don't he makes them go back out in the hall EVERY TIME, until they get it right.  Teaches them to look him in the eye and shake his hand. Teachers must model the expectations and then demand them each time!!

Passion, High Expectation, Manners/Respect - 3 Crucial Elements!

The End of Molasses Classes new book coming out July 26th.  All proceeds from all of his books go to the foundation for his students.

Don't be afraid to be innovative and creative!  Told the story about the symbol the tube slide represents in his school.  Do things differently!

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