Day 5 - Biggest Lesson Learned So Far

Time is the enemy! There are so many things I'd like the kids to do using our laptops, but I've got to pull back a little. It takes them much longer to complete tasks than I plan. Much of this is getting used to the technology and using it various ways. For example today they were to complete their grammar exercises in a Word document and attach it to an email to me. Well, in getting it ready as an attachment, they had to first save it to their "Home Folder" (my documents). Yes, there were easier ways to do this (including using google docs which could have just been shared with me or saving to the common folder where I could get their assignment), but I wanted them to practice creating an attachment to an email. So.... what would normally be a brief exercise turned into a major accomplishment when completed.
I have to really work on the time factor when planning my activities!
time running out
Photo Credit: Ben Sutherland's photostream via Flickr
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  1. Ruth Says:

    I'm behind on my blog reading. I can completely identify with you on the problem of time estimation, when planning activities. Nearly every class, I worry that I don't have enough planned, and then we barely finish half. Other times, I think I have so much that we won't be able to finish, and then I find myself with 20 extra minutes and I scramble to come up with more activities to fill those minutes. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with this problem.