Day 4 - Recess vs Name Tags

Technology not motivational? Yeah, right!
Because I will be registering my students on many Web 2.0 sites this year, I asked them to each make up a "Cove Name". This is a made up user name they will use on these sites to add one more bit of protection. They all chose a name (unfortunately "Playboy Bunny" and "Kurt Busch" had to pick again! Oi!) Well, two of my motivated students thought that many of their classmates might forget their Cove names, so name badges should be created! These two entrepreneurs asked to stay in from recess to create the badges. By the time I came in with the others, they had them created, printed, and cut up "to be laminated"! The story doesn't end here. This weekend I got an email from one of them through our new Gaggle email accounts. This what he wrote:

"Mrs.Collazo we do need clips or anyting we can attach the id's.That would be god.Follow up and thats it."

[caption id="attachment_226" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Name Badges at the Cove? Cool idea!"]Name Badges at the Cove? Cool idea![/caption]
Photo Credit: jjreade's photostream via Flickr
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  1. I LOVE this! How productive the little ones can be. They saw a need and solved their own problem. Great independent thinkers!

    Keep up the good work!