Teaching is Like Grocery Shopping

I don't know about you but I tend to go to the grocery store on auto-pilot. I take my cart up and down the same aisles, grabbing the same products I ALWAYS buy, and go home and make the same 10 or 12 meals I ALWAYS make! I also automatically add the prices as I go, tuning everything and everyone out so I don't lose count and have that awkward moment at the register when it totals more than I have to spend!

Well yesterday my husband and I went grocery shopping. The thing that made it fun was that we had recently gotten our tax refund and decided to really "stock up"! (to the tune of $350!) We went down EVERY isle, looking at and choosing things we never usually treat ourselves to. I bought a new kind of shampoo and other fun hair products, snacks we never buy, deli meats that aren't on the SALE poster, and new blades for my razor (you know what I'm talking about ladies)!

So how did this remind me of teaching? Today was a rainy Sunday and tomorrow is a teacher workday, so I decided to treat myself to a day of Twitter, finding and subscribing to new and exciting blogs, and, thanks to my BFF, Danita Russell, I am also Pinterest's newest addict! I have learned so many new things and have great, refreshing ideas to incorporate into my upcoming lessons! I feel the February blahs fading!

Often I think, just like when we go grocery shopping, we get into teaching ruts. We teach the same ideas, in the same way, using the same tools. It is vital that we treat ourselves to new ideas, new organizational systems, and new educators to follow! So thank you to all you creative individuals who willingly share the cool things you are doing with your kids! Just like the refreshing smell of my new "grape seed and Shea butter" shampoo, you have refreshed my teaching, and I am grateful!
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  1. I'm thankful you are still speaking to me after getting hooked on Pinterest! I can lose hours and hours pinning! It's been awhile since I've seen anything as addicting. But, so much fun!