I Think They Liked This Homework!

Last Friday my kids took their test on Solving Equations and Inequalities. I was sooo proud of them, most only missed two inequality questions (graphing the solutions on a number line, they forgot to solve the inequality prior to graphing the solution). So today we went over those two problems together, and did a few more just for extra practice.

We then moved on to a topic that is not covered in our math book, but is a skill that will be measured on our end of grade assessments - Triple Venn Diagrams. After becoming familiar with the vocabulary associated with them by using this site, we practiced working with a few sets of data and the Triple Venn.

Since I don't have many materials to go along with these two topics, and we are a 1:1 netbook classroom, their math homework tonight was to see if they could locate any fun sites that would help us practice a bit more with Inequalities and Triple Venns. They were asked to send me any good links through Edmodo (we LOVE Edmodo!).

Here is one of the responses I received tonight from Cherokee:
Here are some good links!! And the Tic Tac Toe link is a good idea for a whole class thing!! The Venn Diagram Link has a print out so we could do that for practice !! I don't know if it's helpful. And there is another link for other venn diagrams. There's a link to where we can make our own venn diagrams!!

I don't know about you, but I don't usually get that kind of excitement when a worksheet is the homework (did you see all the exclamation points?).  I have been reading a lot of blog posts recently about the types of homework students should or shouldn't be given. It has made me really rethink what I am going to assign from now on. I particularly like the assignment they had tonight because in order for them to comment on whether it was a good site or not, they had to interact or play with it! So, in a sneaky way, they have probably done more math problems tonight than even my old teacher self would have ever assigned! Plus I have added all their sites to our math resource page HERE for future use!

Here are some of the ones they dug up tonight:

Wow! And just came across this great site full of hands-on triple Venn ideas, while looking for a Triple Venn photo!

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2 Responses
  1. LOVE this idea! It not only adds to their resources, but gives them ownership on locating the resources. Great job!

  2. kcollazo Says:

    Thanks! They had fun knowing they'd get to share them with their classmates. They came up with some great ones I had never seen!