Have You Googled Your Earth Today?

Live Blogging from NCTIES 2011 Tech Conference!  Woohoo!

Ben Davis - Stanly County Schools


Show kids where the school is and then if you're talking about anything in SS, History, Science, novels that have places you can show the kids the relationship between where we are and where we are talking about.  I need to use this with our Scholastic News each week!!

Create a tour

Use push pin icon to make a place mark.  Remember you can customize the push pins when you make a tour.   Click on my places (right click) "create folder".  Drag all placemarks into the folder.

As you go through the tour turn on different layers, ie. photos that others have taken.  Red pictures are panoramic pictures people have taken.

Can share the files with others.  When they double click the folder on the wiki, it automatically downloads into their Google Earth.

Take the tour ahead of time and it will put all features in the cache and move a lot faster and easier for when you use it with the kids.

On Ben's wiki go to bottom "LiveBinder Links" will take you to education specific premade files to download.  Look for the kmz or kml extensions.

Sometimes files will come into the "Temporary Places" folder in Google Earth.  You'll need to move it or it will not be there when you reopen Google Earth.

**Add Path Tool at top - you can click on the map and make a series of dots and lines.  Great for perimeter and area.  Can also incorporate the ruler tool to measure.  When you tour with the lines, you travel FAST!!

To edit a place mark already made, right click on it and the edit box will come up.  To change view - click snapshot current view.

Preferences - you can change the wait time in an automated tour.  Line tours you can change the camera tilt and how far off the line the camera will follow the line, and the speed!

Explore Your Area

Zoom in on your school and you might be able to see street view imagery.  Street View tool.  Younger kids could mark modes of transportation they find along the way.  Turn 3D on in the layers - very cool!

Icon with clock brings up historical imagery.  Can click on a timeline to see how the area you are focused on has changed over the years.

Add Image Overlay icon at the top you can turn on topographic maps overlay.  Directions are on the wiki for how to set that up.

Glogster and Google Earth

Put a placemark on Google Earth.  Get the embed code from your Glog.  In description of placemark, paste the embed code.  VERY COOL!

Share Google Earth projects - post as link on your website for others.

Showing Google Earth with the Moon - Lots of resources embedded to explore  the Apollo missions!

From audience: Check out WorldWide Telescope from Microsoft!

Google Ocean!  Can follow a tagged tuna!

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