Google Forms @ncties

Presented by Jeff Carpenter and Barbara Taylor - Elon University

Presenters used a quick form survey to gather information about the audience and displayed the charts to look at with audience.  Very effective!

Make a form that includes rubric items - using checklists that include many of the common errors you see in the work.

How to get the comments back to the student:  Click the student's row in the spreadsheet, click print, click "selection" button and keep the heading button clicked.  then pdf will be only that student's comments.  Send it to them electronically.

Using Google Forms for Peer Editing:

Create a form to go with the sections of Empowering Writers.

Presenters found that when peer editing using the Google Form, they spent more time analyzing the work.

Google Forms a good way to have the kids evaluate each others' work.

Form - "Show summary of responses" is where you look for the graphs of your data.

Can use list view (under View tab) to filter spreadsheet data.

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