Day 12 Rhythm at the Cove!

Today was such fun! For the blog post, I had the kids visit a cool new site I learned about from one of my Twitter PLN buddies called Incredibox. It is an engaging site which turns out to be very addictive (Don't believe me? Just try it!). It allows you to create rhythms by dragging and dropping various components onto animated characters. As soon as I played with it, I knew I had to share it with my kids!

But, how to integrate it into our curriculum? Well, we'd been discussing using support and reasons for answers you give, so I designed our daily blog post to incorporate these skills and the fun site. Here's the post (make sure you check out their comments - some of them are priceless!), and click here to see what happened:

Rhythm at the Cove

My favorite comment comes from David, "...this music is like a butterfly lifting you on to the sky of puffy music clods [clouds] of rhythem and beats." Wow!
butterfly cloud
Photo Credit: Robyn Hooz's photostream via Flickr
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  1. Mom Says:

    You have a bunch of cuties in your class. They are definately having way too much fun in school. :)
    Good for you!!!!!