Writers and a great new video

Okay, so while we're waiting for our netbooks, I've been using my cart of Writers (which I've had for 5 years and still absolutely LOVE!) as an intro - an appetizer if you'd like!  They have ADORED them!  As always happens when my kids use the Writers, their writing is more detailed, and includes, GULP, most capital letters, punctuation, and complete sentences!

[caption id="attachment_198" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Writer"]The Writer[/caption]

I let them take them home last night for the first time ever (used to guard them like a hawk, but I've gotten treatment in preparation for our 1:1 over the last few years!)  They were so excited they'd be able to finish their work!  4th graders!  I love it!  And, winning a bet with my husband, every one of them returned to class today with them in their protective cases.  They still don't know what's coming in a few weeks!  I can hardly stand it.

Catching up on blog reading tonight, I came across this video on Scott McLeod's blog.  Couldn't agree more!  Bring on the netbooks and new ways of teaching!

I Need My Teachers to Learn
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