Wake Up Call

Came across a great post by Ben Johnson, at Edutopia.org called "The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom".  In the first 3/4 of his blog he describes the terrible questioning techniques teachers use (and the reasons behind why we do it).  I must say I'm shamed into admitting that he was describing me on many occasions!  Terrible!  However, that is the wonderful effect educational blogs afford us as educators!  We get a chance to view our weaknesses through someone else's writing, and make necessary changes that allow us to become better at our craft!

One comment left by Jeff Goldstein encourages me to put to greater use the eInstruction clickers available to me.  I use them to review many times, but fail to use them on a daily basis for quick, formative, anonymous assessment.  I really need to play around with how to best keep the app open and useful so that it doesn't become too tedious to use at a moment's notice.  Also some advice on how to keep the remotes from growing legs would be helpful.  Any of you have suggestions for how to go about this change most efficiently?  I'd appreciate suggestions!

Photo Credit: Flickr - Question 3
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