Hey, Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore!

I read this blog post from Mr. W. at TeachPaperless and could only drop my jaw.  If only.... then I was alerted by my Republican husband that we should not be paying for EVERYONE to have a laptop.  I agree in most cases, but wonder what the world would be like if this became a reality!  Sure would be interesting!  Read his post "Breaking News: Empowering the Next Generation" and let me know what you think! (I'm counting on my Repub friend, Danita to make the first comment!)

Photo Credit: Flickr - L is for Lots of Laptops
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  1. Hey! I'll reply, but let's set the record straight, I'm a registered Democrat that happens to vote Republican. I know, it makes no sense...

    LOVE the idea that we wouldn't have to pay for WiFi, but..... With so many people losing their jobs, houses, and livelihoods, how in the world is he planning on paying for this? They can't even afford to hire enough teachers!

    I 110% agree that if we eliminated Scantrons we would save millions. But, an even better idea - eliminate the computer skills test (we live in NC and the 8th graders take the test and have to pass it by the time they graduate or they don't graduate), quarterly benchmarks, and END OF GRADE TESTING!

    Why don't we let the teachers teach and the kids learn? Hmmmmm, interesting thought isn't it?