Nothing Else That Happened Today Matters!

Today was our first mandatory workday for teachers (although I've worked the two optional days as well). These are some of the events that contributed to my building anxiety:
  1. Our opening staff meeting took an hour and a half longer than our new Principal had planned (3 hours).
  2. I found out that although two students were removed from my roll, three were added, leaving me with 29 students this year.
  3. When I went back and counted my chairs and chair bags I am one short now.
  4. I went to sort out the 5th grade level supplies that we submitted orders for during the last weeks of school in May, and found out none of the 5th grade supplies were ordered.
  5. We found out the agendas we use with our students to help them organize homework and other deadlines were never ordered either.
  6. My assistant, whom I share with a kindergarten teacher, had to go to a Diabetes Case Manager training all afternoon so we didn't get my classroom library books labeled like we had planned.
  7. My air conditioning is pretty much stuck on "ON" so I have to wear a sweatshirt until maintenance can come and unlock my control screen so I can regulate it.
  8. We realized that the county has scheduled meetings the entire day Thursday, right up until an hour before our Open House begins.
But NONE of that matters because I got an email from one of the students I had last year asking me to read THIS addition she made to her anti-bullying website (which she created on her own last year).  PERSPECTIVE REGAINED!
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