Common Core Staff Development Morning

  • Computerized testing will NOT take place this year in grades 3-5
Hallmarks of the Core

  • Less is more - fewer standards that are more focused
  • Aligned with college and workforce expectations
  • Rigorous content and higher order thinking skills
  • Focus on the "end" result rather than the means to get there
  • Room for teachers to develop how they want to get the kids to the end goal
  • Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language are to be taught across all disciplines
  • Upper elementary reading - 50% literature 50% reading for information
  • There are 3 appendices (900 pages) - Reading/Writing
    • Research and evidence - glossary of key terminology
    • Reading text exemplars and sample performance tasks
    • Annotated student writing samples
Common Core English/LA

  • Focus on complexity, quality and range of reading material (based on Lexile levels)
  • Reading across content areas
  • Anchor Standards - college and career readiness standards (by the end of high school) CCR's
  • Grade Specific Standards fall under the Anchor Standards - what students should be learning at each grade level to meet the Anchor Standards by end of high school - CCSS's
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening, Language are the 4 strands in ELA standards
  • Reading Domains (Overarching Idea)
    • key ideas and details
    • craft and structure
    • integration of knowledge and ideas
    • range of reading and level of text complexity
  • Balance between literature and informational text
  • Text complexity!!
  • Writing - emphasis on argument and informative/explanatory writing; writing about sources
    • text types and purposes
    • production and distribution of writing
    • research to build and present knowledge
    • range of writing
  • Speaking and Listening - formal and informal talk
    • comprehension and collaboration
    • presentation of knowledge and ideas
  • Language - general academic (ie. compare/contrast) and domain-specific vocabulary
Common Core Math Standards

  • Math Practices instead of Anchor Standards
    • create solid foundation in whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals
    • 50% of 4th grade test will be fractions
    • 8 important math practices
    • Domains - Standards make up Clusters - Each cluster begins with a Cluster Statement

  • Based on Webb's Depths of Knowledge (only 4, but they correspond with Bloom's Taxonomy) DOK will appear in Level of Thinking Box on RESA document.
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