My Treat for the Day - Patrick Crispen's Useless Session!

Sitting in Patrick Crispen's session! Woohoo! - Patrick's site - each day they ask one trivial question which tests your search skills to find the answer; includes a clock that tracks how long you've been trying to find out the answer! Includs a Hint? button that provides a search hint by Google. - tons of articles about what is going on at all the Disney parks; Disney trivia; photos of people at the part, what the rest. are serving that day, etc. - Turns your android phone into a TV remote while you're at your hotel! -  mind-mapping, collaboration tool (my problem is that they wouldn't give me more than 5 popples!)  Go to snowflake icon - labs - show timewarp - shows you how to create a more difficult password to hack. Shows you how long it would take a hacker to guess it. - FUNNY! - Site full of tips and sites to make life better. - tracks the prices of every item on Amazon and what is on sale; also shows trends of prices and recent price drops. - tests your internet speed; can run on iPhone, iPad too. - type in company and it will give you the number to talk to an actual HUMAN! - video game review site done by professional reviewers in depth. Reviews include video clips of game. - searches for flights by price and AGONY - features all airplanes' layout and what the seats are like.

Just plain fun!


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