New Year's Resolutions That Will Make You Cry

I asked my kids to begin their day today by blogging their thoughts to several prompts. First, they had to develop 5 resolutions for the coming year. Then they were to list 2 hopes, after we discussed the differences between hopes and resolutions, and finally describe their best and worst time in 2011.

Every time my kids blog I am reminded of what a powerful tool blogging is for teachers to get to know their students! I am continually amazed at what my students will share in writing that I would never hear come out of their mouths.

Equally powerful were the comments they left on each other's blog posts. Although kids can often be quite cruel to each other, they can also be heart-wrenchingly caring and compassionate.

Please check out their resolutions, hopes, and reflections on their blog posts, making sure you don't miss Shaquan's. It will break your heart. They would love to have comments if you have time.

Lessons for me today? One, resolve to allow more time for the kids to blog, comment, and reflect (and then be sure to read each and every one!). Two, never forget what is most important when working with children, and usually academics isn't it!

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