Why My Kids Blog

It's hard to believe we have completed 3 weeks of school already! I am so thankful for the group of kids I have this year. After looping for two years with my last group, and missing them dearly, I was afraid this year would be difficult. Not to worry! I have the best group of 28 dynamos a teacher could ask for!

We began blogging early! For one thing it allows my most introverted student to express him/herself and, I have found, it allows me to get to know my students in a way nothing else can! Plus, they LOVE it! They love writing new blog posts AND they love commenting on each other's. I recently received the following email from one of my student's mothers and she gave me permission to share it here. It gave me goosebumps and made my day. If your students are not blogging yet, don't wait another day to get them started! Please feel free to visit and leave comments on ours HERE!
"I wanted to share with you a cool experience I just had with James.
The boys and I went to the public library to return and check out new books.  James picked out a Hardy Boy title he said this boy had recommended.  Turns out the boy is a child who commented on a Hardy Boy post James made on KidBlog.  He said he wanted to read this book so they could "talk" about it.
Thanks for all you do,
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