When Not on the Baseball Field...

Took this picture yesterday in our livingroom.  My 15 year old son who is either on the baseball field or watching the pros play baseball, would love to become a sports writer.  He had started a Braves baseball blog using my laptop (which serves as our home computer) up until his 15th birthday.  My oldest son, AJ,  got a great little (old!) S-10 pickup for his 15th birthday two years ago, but we decided to get Carlos a netbook when he turned 15.  Had to force him to take driver's ed, so we knew a new car/truck was not top priority for him.  However, the laptop has been a perfect investment.  He started a new blog and has been avidly posting!  Check out his blog if you have a minute (especially if you're a Braves fan)!  I know he'd enjoy reading any comments you'd like to leave!


Carlos getting updates from ESPN on his cell phone and blogging!

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