Think outside the box, for goodness sake!

Can't stop thinking about a maddening parent/teacher conference I recently had with my son's 5th grade teacher.  Among many questionable teaching practices, and by that I mean it is obvious there is no understanding of how children learn, recall, and use information, she emphatically stated that my son only had 2 grades (for 5 weeks worth of school) in language arts because they had been "doing" test prep books.  She promptly pulled one out to show me.  "Those have been your language arts program for the last month and a half?"  I asked, saddened beyond description for the poor children in her classroom.  She affirmed my fears, without hesitation.

This story, only to say that I'm sure she tries hard, but that is not enough.  Our students deserve more.  I'm sure it is not just coincidental that I read Scott McLeod's post "It's not 'the tests'.  It's us." that same afternoon.  Wish my son's teacher would read it....

Photo Credit: You're Starting To Lose Me Now on Flickr
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