Could've heard a pin drop!

I've divided my kids into groups (based on their suggestions on index cards of whom they could work well with) and they are now responsible for adding content to the class science wikis (Core 1and Core 2).  Unlike in the Fall however when they added whatever, whenever they wanted.  I have decided to be much more structured at this step in Project WISE.

The kids chose questions related to our Earthquake unit which they must answer as "experts".  In an effort to ensure they were exploring meaningful sites, I put together a Jog the Web (one of my favorite tools!) where they could do most of their online research.  I also checked out every book in our library on Earthquakes!  The kids have been researching and collecting their information in a Word document.  Today we began copying and pasting their research into their wikis.  They LOVE it!  The room was completely silent with the exception of whispers of assistance from one to another and the click of laptop keys!  Although we do have a few entries which will need to be edited due to the questionable high level vocabulary that showed up "using their own words", our first attempt at a more organized wiki is going well.

Next week they'll add many of the lab photos and videos they've taken.  Should be interesting!!

Photo Credit: Silence is Deafening
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