Time Wisely Spent

I have been wanting to blog about the three things I am glad I did this summer, and while waiting for my youngest ball player, here goes!  This of course does not include the fantastic times spent with my family!

  1. Went out and bought, not rented, "Freedom Writers".  I have since proceeded to watch it a total of six times since then!  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Erin Gruwell two years ago and hear her empowering talk about her experiences with her inner city students.  She and one of her students signed my copy of The Freedom Writers Diary, I left with mascara streaming down my face - just like every time I watch the movie.  If you haven't seen it, stop reading this blog right now and go rent it!!

  2. Read Clay Shirkey's Here Comes Everybody and loved it!!  Although the world of public education is not mentioned much directly in the book, all of the ideas are certainly applicable!

  3. Read Not Much, Just Chillin: The Hidden Lives of Middle Schoolers - A must-read for every middle school educator and frustrated parent!  Linda Perlstein embedded herself for a year with a group of middle schoolers, and her living research tied with brain research is amazing!  You'll catch yourself saying, "So that's why they act like that!"  You'll see your students (or perhaps your own kids) in a whole new light!

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