It's in the Mail!

Well, my first big grant proposal ($10,000, big to me!) was sent off this afternoon at the click of the Enter button.  After lots of planning, thinking, writing, and re-writing, it's time to wait with fingers crossed!  I guess at this point I should continue to pursue other avenues of funding and now that I have the bulk of the project in various written forms, the really hard work is finished.  I did send the grant packet on to my Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and Technology Directory with a cover letter stating that if the county happened to "find" some funding for the project I would be happy to pilot Project WISE in the hopes that the data will help the county expand the 1:1 initiative further.... we'll see!  : )

Thanks to Cindy P. at Teaching 'N Technology I was reminded today of a fantastic site that I should be using a lot more, and will add to my CRITICAL SITES list as Project WISE becomes a reality!  It is ReadWriteThink from the International Reading Association.  It is jam-packed with many interactive, creative tools for students to create original content.  It is applicable to every subject area, and so kid-friendly, guidance from the teacher would be minimal!  If you haven't checked it out lately, give it another glance!  I tried out the "flip book" application, and thought what a neat activity that would have been as my kids were learning the layers of the Earth!

So many cool tools, so little time to explore them all!  Isn't it wonderful?  Stay Tuned....

Photo Credit: Gadgets on Flickr
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  1. misstizzy Says:

    Glad you found some of the info on Teaching 'N Technology helpful. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. - Cindy P.