National Workshop on Stimulating STEM Education - Part 4

Cyberinfrastructure - Break Out Session

  • Making it available to the masses

  • Creating computerized classrooms - financial implications that accompany this

  • Possibility of using iPhone for computing in the classroom

  • Need for professional development - both in technology and the content areas

  • Issues with relying too heavily on technology - "deskilling"

    • kids can't make change

    • kids use calculators, but don't understand the concepts behind it

    • kids can't read maps, because they've only been using GPS

  • Learning thinking skills as opposed to memorization and test-taking skills

  • Diane Oblinger - papers on this generation of learners

  • Assessment is a big issue

  • Greater student interaction

  • Schools need Instructional Tech Facilitators (with tech and curriculum background)

  • Where is the media specialist's role in all of this?

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