Excitement over Wikis!

Wow, now I know the rush a pyromaniac must feel when she strikes the match!  Yesterday ten brave souls ventured into the world of wikis with me, and the wildfire has begun!  I am so excited!  One of our third grade teachers was so addicted to working on her new wiki last night, that her husband actually had to ask her if they were having supper!  AND, she actually dreamed about wiki pages!  Wow, an ITF's dream!  (Great story Lauren!)  Then if that wasn't great enough, one of our 5th grade teachers called me into her room where she was showing her kids her "just out of the oven" wiki!  Their homework for the night included adding some information to the Social Studies page where they are beginning a study of the Civil War!  (Way to go Mrs. V!)  I couldn't be more proud of our teachers here!  I will happily post about their developing wikis (with links) after they have some time to populate them.  They'll be worth the wait, I can tell already!

Photo:  Ice Fire

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  1. You are so right-wikis are addictive. We have several going at our middle school. The seventh grade newspaper staff is writing the current edition using a wiki. http://huskypawper.wetpaint.com/

    Our assistant principal and the technology integration specialist has set up a wiki for middle school teachers to access resources that correlate with the AL course of study for middle schools. We are still working on adding resources, but it is coming along. http://middleschoolresourceroom.pbwiki.com/

    The possibilities are endless. The only problem we are having is that some teachers are hesitant to post things because their work might get changed by others. We are working on understanding the benefits of online collaboration.