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Okay, I've finally caught up on my blog reading!  My RSS feed (Bloglines) had approached the 100+ unread blog posts.  The higher it got, the more I procrastinated reading!  I think I felt so tired and burned out prior to the holidays, I just chose to ignore the increasing number.  Same with writing in my own blog.  But after re-kindling the fire, I have set as one of my 2007 resolutions, to blog more often.  And after coming across a great quote in one of my favorite blogger's posts I know that shorter, more narrative accounts of the successes and challenges of my daily work will prove to be more beneficial to me (and hopefully to Danita who is, I think, the only other reader!)  The quote goes like this:

Found at Gaping Void, but it originally was written in its entirety here.
Write not for others, as there are too many.
Write for yourself, as there is only one.

Ahh yes, too much pressure in trying to be philosophical in my postings (I'll leave that to the edublogexperts!).  Here's looking forward to tomorrow's short post!

The Thinker

The Thinker

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  1. Yes, I'm reading! I've missed your posts and am glad you're back in the game. Now, that you're back, read my blog, because I have tagged you in the meme world.

    Loved the quote. I'll have to read it in it's entirety soon.

    Keep up the good work!